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Positive Parenting Ally's Newsletter, Issue #001 -- A Warm Welcome
March 06, 2017

Welcome to my first newsletter

A warm welcome to the first issue of my newsletter. Some of you have just subscribed to it, others have waited a long time for it to see the light of day. But now it's here:

The Positive Parenting Ally website is an ongoing project for me; I started it when my son was only a couple of years old, and as he and I grew, so did the website. For a website she's a fairly old gal by now and I never know in which direction she will go next. I love that she can go anywhere and I trust that where she goes is where she's needed.

What's going on at Positive Parenting Ally right now:

As usual I'm juggling many projects at the same time. This is how I work best. Lots of variation seems to be the way for me. I've tried to change that work mode several times, as it is less 'effective' in terms of getting things done, however, when I narrow down, I always end up feeling like I'm wearing gloves that are too small and too tight. I can't 'move' properly and my creativity is dampened. Now, I've just accepted that juggling and variation is my nature.

This means that I'm doing lots of things for Positive Parenting Ally, but they take time to finish. But the good thing is, though, that I'm covering many areas all at once.

At the moment (among other things of course 😉) I'm doing a very exciting project of interviewing people that I find have interesting and intriguing insights into parenting. They come from all over the world (I come from Denmark, in case you didn't know) but they all communicate a parenting approach that is based on a high level of consciousness and awareness, is love-based, and is empowering for both child and parents.

The idea for these interviews started with parenting coach Abdullah Atturki contacting me and wanting to interview me. He liked what I was doing and wanted to spread my word to his own audience in Saudi Arabia.

The result of his interview with me, you can see here .

After publishing that I thought, 'Hmmm ... there's something for Positive Parenting Ally here to explore further. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but there's some potential here!'

And after letting the interview sink in a little, I thought, 'Now I know; I want to interview people, too'.

So I reached out to parent coach Megan Stonelake and parenting author and speaker Jessica Joelle Alexander to hear if they would like me to interview them. And they kindly agreed.

You can check the interviews out here:

Megan's interview and Jessica's interview.

Doing these interviews has been tons of fun and I'm not at all done yet. Many more interviews are on their way. I also have a feeling that I'm going to use the interviews in something else somehow, but no concrete idea is available to me yet. It's still just a 'gut feel', a good one. 😊

While doing these interviews I'm also working on a couple of e-books in different genres. I'll tell you more about that in the next issue of my newsletter.

If you have any ideas or feedback for Positive Parenting Ally, you are always welcome to contact me. I welcome everything you may have to say.

Thank you for now and until next time.

Warm regards,
Positive Parenting Ally

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