Spiritual Courses: Review of E-Course for Spiritually Aware Parents and Their Kids

Spiritual courses for parents by parent coach Christina Fletcher.

Name of the e-course:
Spiritual Kids; Building Foundations for the Spiritually Aware Family.
By parent coach, Christina Fletcher (author and creator of spiritual courses, guides and books for parents. Owner of the website: spirituallyawareparenting.com).

Target group:
Parents and their children, ages 3-13.

Reviewed by:
Birgitte Coste: owner of this website, positive-parenting-ally.com

Quick Summary of My Review

Spiritual Kids is a truly wonderful parenting course that I can fully recommend for any growth loving parent ready to empower themselves and their family by consciously and effectively tapping into their own inner wisdom and thereby passing on spiritual tools to their children.

There are so many things to say about this spiritual course, but if I were to boil it down to the essence, I see the power of this course as twofold:

  • 1) You get lots of powerful tools: There is a true well of concrete and varied exercises for both yourself and your kids to do again and again.

    The tools aim at helping you increase self awareness and build self knowledge as well as restoring inner peace and balance - both for yourself and for your children.

    The exercises for children are often narrative or more creative in nature to allow for more intuitive ways of expression - which also means that you as a parent may really benefit from trying them out, too. 😉

  • 2) Higher awareness and a more empowering mindset: The underlying message in this parenting course is that everybody already has all the wisdom needed. We just need to discover how to find it, which is where the tools come in.

    In this way it is not about 'teaching' our kids anything (they are already wise and perfect just the way they are) but about BEING love, kindness and awareness ourselves. And thus by BEING it ourselves we can pass it on to our kids via example.

If you already feel like this course is exactly what you're looking for, you can click here to buy the e-course directly via Paypal ...

or you can go to Christina's site for more information ...

or if you want to hear more about what I have to say about this spiritual course for parents and kids, please continue reading.

Price for the course: $127.00

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Parent, Do You Recognize this?

You Want the Best for Your Kids
... BUT You also Intuitively Sense that You First Have to Be What You Want Your Children to Become

As parents we all (or at least many of us) have a deep desire for raising happy, caring and conscious children. Or at least this is my experience.

However, despite every good intention, sometimes we lose focus or more precisely, without really being aware of it we seem to remove our primary focus from where it works the best.

Loss of focus may be expressed in many ways but there is one common denominator as to why it occurs: we've lost touch with ourselves. Being out of touch with ourselves or losing our connection with ourselves can experienced when we're e.g. angry, frustrated or stressed.

And curiously enough, it can also happen when we are too involved in our kids. For example in the name of love and wanting the best for our children, we may end up focusing too much on 'making' our children happy and 'helping' them thrive.

Believe me there is nothing wrong with this. It's a wonderful and caring intention. I feel like that too much of the time. However, have you noticed that it makes you stressed? Feeling somewhat helpless perhaps?

Why is that?

Well, it's because we've moved out of ourselves and into someone else's business and doing that makes us lose our connection with ourselves. We've unintentionally severed our connection to our own intuition and inner wisdom. You'll know exactly when you've done that because that is what happens almost every time you feel emotionally uncomfortable.

Spiritual Kids will help you reestablish that inner connection and tap into your own wisdom, so that you can parent from your inner, wise and connected Self; from a place of clarity, peace and unconditional love.

Image of personal growth tree.Therefore this course is very much in line with my own way of approaching parenting as Christina starts the course with a focus on you, the parent. In my view too, everything in parenting starts with the parent.

And in parenting, our own Beingness is paramount. We cannot help our children towards higher awareness, peace and love if we do not embody those qualities ourselves. Our Beingness (the way we feel, the energy we emit, the attitude with which we approach life etc.) is our most important parenting tool!

This way of viewing parenting may or may not be entirely new to you, whether it is or not doesn't really matter. What matters is whether or not these words create some sort or resonance inside you. Do they feel right? Does it feel like there might be something in this course that could be good for you and your family?

If you're still in doubt, don't worry. I'm not done helping you make a decision as to whether to go for this course or not.

In the following I'll help you clarify:

  • Is this e-course for me, will it 'speak' to me?
  • And what can this e-course do for me and my family? Will my kids benefit?

To answer this I will start by telling you who I think will benefit the most from this parenting course.

This Kind of Parent Will Benefit Most

Is this you?

You're at a point in life where this is what you really want:

  • You desire to connect with yourself on a deeper level and would love for your children to get access to that, too.

This is what you are willing to be or do experience that:

  • You are open to change. Not necessarily in terms of your circumstances, but to changing yourself, especially your beliefs, convictions and mindset. You are curious to find out who you (also) are.

  • You're willing to be completely honest with yourself. Or at least do your best in that regard.

  • You are willing to work with yourself (first). You are open to the idea that real change in the family has to go through you first.

  • You're willing to prioritize a little time in your everyday life to actively connect with yourself and try new things with your children.

  • You are open to a spiritual world view and a spiritual way of speaking or at least you don't feel too much resistance towards words like "spirit", "spiritual", "law of attraction", "guidance", "synchronicity" etc.. Christina and I use a slightly different language when we talk about 'stuff' but basically we agree on how things interrelate and affect each other.

So What Are the Benefits?

What Do You, the Parent, Get out of This?

Tips for spiritual transformation: Be kind to yourself.Of course I can't tell you your specific benefits of this course (and that goes for any spiritual courses), everybody is different and has a different path of growth.

But in my opinion this spiritual parenting course provides a great foundation for building self awareness, clarity of mind and a more peaceful and loving approach to yourself and your kids.

And do notice please, that this not a quick fix.

If you decide to embark on an adventure like this, you need to realize that what you're doing is nothing less than huge. You are creating a mindset change. You are potentially changing your way of thinking and relating to yourself and the world and that requires time and effort.

So do be patient with yourself. Speak nicely to yourself, and treat yourself with kindness, acceptance and understanding. You are basically deprogramming your mind (and yourself, including your old habits) to make way for new way of thinking, being and acting. 

What Do Your Children Get?

  • An opportunity to have a more conscious parent. A much calmer, aware and joyful role model. Again, (our kids don't do as we say, they do as we do, so) what we are, our children 'suck up' and become themselves.

  • Girl lying in a field happy and at peace.More conscious self knowledge and means of expressing it: Children have powerful feelings and lots of intuitive knowledge but often find it difficult to express it all.

    This spiritual course inspires your children to explore their own awareness and emotional states and via the exercises find various means of expressing them. (Later in this review you get to see an example of exactly that ... via an exercise my son did).

If you feel you've read enough already, you can go directly to Christina's site to learn more and purchase it.

If you want my take on what the course contains, some personal experiences and my favorites, do read on.

What Does the Course Consist of?

Spiritual Kids is a 6 week course and once a week you get a module sent right to your inbox.

This means that you can take as long as you want to with the course. The material is always available to you.

This is what you get:

  • 6 video lessons: Each week you receive a video with Christina where she explains important concepts for the module as well as introduces the exercises.

  • 4 mp3 meditations: Podcasts with guided meditations by Christina.

  • 6 workbooks with 31 exercises all in all, for both you and your kids. It can be simple crafts, activities and worksheets.

  • 5 stories or poems that may work as meditations or bedtime stories.

  • Access to a private Facebook group to share and discuss anything parenting related.

  • Lifetime access: Once downloaded the material is yours forever.

Just to give you an idea, here is what you get in week 1:

Contents of week on in Christina Fletcher's Spiritual course for parents and kids.

Just a small remark in case you're wondering; yes, I've been through the course. I know what I'm talking about. I've seen all the videos, heard all the podcasts and read everything in the workbooks. I have tried most of the exercises and my son (nine years old) has tried some of them, which you'll hear about in a bit.

Each week is centered on an overall theme and in my opinion the structure of the program is really great and well thought through.

The beginning of the course starts with establishing an intention for self exploration. The course then continues with actively increasing self knowledge and awareness and builds it all up to using it more effectively in the world.

The Themes of the 6 Week Spiritual Course Are Like So:

Week 1

An introduction to concepts and an invitation to open up, connect and make a contract with yourself where you basically say, 'This is what I'm doing now. I'm going along for this ride and I'm open to where it takes me.'

My own personal experience is that making a contract or setting an intention is extremely important for getting the most out of something. Do not underestimate the power of your intention - a strong intention can change your world. 

 Week 2

About self awareness and discovering who you are ... or who you also are; That you are more than you might think.

The exercises in this module focus on introducing you to and connecting you to your inner Self, higher Self, Home, spirit or whichever words you prefer to use. There are also some powerful exercises that will introduce your kids to that, too.

My own experience:
One of the exercises I really love is called Hand to Heart which is basically a way of using parts of your body as a channel to connecting with your Self.

It works really well for restoring balance and peace and you can use it whenever you desire self connection, be it a daily practice or an 'emergency' tool. Even just when sitting on the bus. I tried it with my son and it is so simple, yet very powerful.

I love it when I can pass things on that are so simple and so powerful.

Hand to Heart exercise for calming down and centering.

Week 3

This module has a focus on meditation both as a means to connect to a calm and peaceful place in yourself and as a means to get access to an expanded sense of self, the vastness of being without thoughts, just pure consciousness.

And even though you might think that meditation is for adults only (surely children don't have the patience for that?), it is my experience that children love guided meditations. Not only is it an adventure for them, it's calming and not to forget, an opportunity to connect with you (their parent), too. 

Week 4

This module is one of my favorite parts of the course. It's also something I'm personally exploring at the moment.

It's about building emotional awareness in yourself and in your children. Christina does such a great job of explaining how emotions work and there are also powerful exercises that will help children understand emotional contrasts, dealing with out-of-balance emotional states and reaching a balance.

Basically building emotional awareness is helping children become more observant of their own emotions via various means of expression.

My own experience:
One of the exercises I tried with my son was that of tapping into certain feelings and allowing an expression of them. In this particular exercise that I will share with you, my son was to identify his least favorite feeling and most favorite feeling and make a drawing of them.

My son is very verbal and good at expressing himself verbally but can feel slightly intimidated by having to draw something. His ambitions are very high and he feels that when he draws, it has to be a visual masterpiece.

When I noticed his reluctance to this exercise, I took my time explaining that it does not matter what the drawings end up looking like. What matters is that you feel your feeling and express the feeling and at the same time notice what happens inside of you. After having taken my time explaining the exercise, he felt quite excited and wanted to get going. 

With his permission (he loves the idea that his experiences may help other people), these are his drawings:

Spiritual exercises for kids: drawing the least and most favorite feeling.  

Afterwards I asked him what was it like drawing these drawing and his answer (focusing on his least favorite feeling) was interesting and really quite sharply put, as it incorporates all his feelings:

"It made me sort of happy. It felt a bit like throwing up. Like, it's terrible when you do it, but so nice afterwards."

Important tip regarding the exercises:
The exercises in Spiritual Kids may create initial reluctance in your children as they may be used to doing exercises with a certain focus. It could be a focus of having to perform well, wanting approval or of having to learn something which they can't see the purpose of learning etc. Such purposes often generate uncomfortable feelings such as not being good enough or simply restlessness because of boredom.

So be patient with your children and really take your time explaining what it's about and only start the exercises when they are ready, curious and feel like it.

Remember, just like you, your kids are potentially also learning something completely new, a new way of expressing themselves that has an entirely new purpose from what they might be used to.

A good way to stimulate your children's curiosity is doing it yourself. Being an example. Seeing you engaged and having a good time will often work like an irresistible magnet.

Week 5

Introduces you to the concept of appreciation which is basically about a mindset shift from focusing on troubles to focusing on what you appreciate. The idea is not to ignore pain but to move away from a worrier mindset to realizing how much better you function when your energy is positive and comes from a clear and calm place.

My own experience:
In the workbook there is an exercise about expressing your appreciation openly for the entire family. It can be appreciation for others, but it's really up to you to choose to appreciate whatever you feel like. Even just appreciating being/existing. There is no rule for what to appreciate. Bottom line is, appreciation feel soooo good. It's the most amazing state of being.

Below is a photo of what my son wrote one sunny morning before going to school. For those of you (most of you, I guess 😉) who don't speak Danish, it simply says,

 "I'm happy"

Isn't that beautiful?

Simple appreciation anb being happy.

A few days later when coming home from school, my son wrote yet another wonderful statement, this time directly aimed at me:

"You are lovely"

The message was accompanied by a sweet little drawing. Take a look below:

Writing on appreciation board: You are lovely.

Week 6

The law of attraction section is a powerful module which is so wonderfully explained that it becomes easy to understand, even for children.

As usual the exercises are varied and in their own different ways explain the principle that whatever you focus on and embody will come to you. And thus all of a sudden, you have a choice. You can actually choose what you want more of. You just need to know that that's how the universe works and Christina will provide you with tools to help you create your own wonderful world.

A Quick Pros and Cons List

As you may have noticed, I really have a lot of good things to say about this spiritual course for parents and their kids but since this is a review, you may be wondering, 'Where are the cons? I want to be informed of everything regarding this product; of things that work well as well as less well'.

I understand that. So here is a quick list of my personal pros and cons regarding Spiritual Kids.


Pros Cons
- Optimal target group focus: I love it that Christina starts with the parent. It is not about 'teaching' children something but about becoming more self aware and through that help children help themselves.

- Wonderful practical exercises: They are numerous and very varied. There is something for everybody, parents as well as children. Plus the variety embraces the personal and different ways that individuals may have access to tapping into themselves.

- Each module is centered on a theme. You get to focus on and work in a variety of ways on yourself, one specific theme at a time. That way of structuring the lessons work really well.

- You get an introductory email each week before you receive the material. This gives you a nice overview of what to expect and prepares your subconsciousness for what is to come. Thus you actually start your work before having received the material.

- You get see Christina via her videos. It's nice to get to 'know' who is helping me.
- A little pricey: Even though the product is yours forever and to use whenever and for as many times as you want, it may feel like a lot of money to pull out of your wallet all at once.

- Spiritual 'presumptions': Even though my 'feel' is very much the same as Christina's when it comes to worldview, the dormant critic inside of me awakens when it finds that theories are presented too matter-of-factly. I seem to 'eat' theories best when they are explicitly presented as a personal worldview preferably based on personal experience.

- Perhaps a few more breathing holes in the meditations: The meditations in themselves are great, but personally I could use longer periods of complete silence with no talking.

- Centered text: Prepare yourself, this is nerdy: Sometimes the text in the workbooks is centered in the middle of the page. Even though it is visually appealing and gives a nice sort of organic flow down the page, it is for me a bit strenuous to read.


What I Love Most About This Course

Online parenting class for parents wishing to explore spirituality with their children.

My Favorite Aspects on an Overall Level:

  • More connection, more peace and joy. You get to connect more with yourself and so do your kids. And when everybody is more connected with themselves, connection with each other becomes easier and more joyful. And if one tool doesn't work for you, there is probably another one that will.

  • That everything starts with the parent. It is not about teaching children something. Yes, there are exercises for children and they are wonderful, they really are, but as I see it, the solid core of the course is about you becoming more self aware and through being that, passing it on to your children. If you're open to that, I'm pretty sure it will work wonders for you.

My Favorites, More Concretely:

  • The practical exercises are fabulous. I've heard Christina mention that the exercises are a compilation of all the best things she has done with her kids throughout the years. That doesn't surprise me. There is just so much stuff. And it's good!

  • The material is very varied. You have videos, meditations, stories, poems, journal prompts and lots and lots of exercises for both parents and kids. To me variation is exciting and allows for usage in many different situations.

If Spiritual Kids sounds like something you'd like to try, too,

Click here to buy

Or go to Christina's site spirituallyawareparenting.com to learn more. For instance Christina has just made yet another one of her spiritual courses called Stepping into Your Light.

I really wish you and your children the best journey possible in discovering your beautiful selves and finding many wonderful means of expressing and living them.

Your Positive Parenting Ally,

Disclaimer and Transparency for Spiritual Courses

Even though I wish you the best journey possible with spiritual courses, I cannot guarantee any results in any specific direction. This is your journey, your path.

When I say that something brings along something else, it's always a potentiality. I have no way of know how something will affect you. Ultimately I can only speak for myself.

Also you may be wondering; spiritual courses like this one sounds fantastic but what's in it for the person who has written this review?

To make it transparent for you (I prefer it that way, too), I'll be completely open:

  • No I don't receive any money for writing this review, however ...

  • I do receive a commission when you follow the links and buy the course. So you may ask yourself, 'Can I trust what is being said? Is the author biased?'

    Well, I can do nothing else than say that I've been completely honest when I've given my opinion on the product. Lying would do nothing but harm for everybody involved, including myself.

    So please, do whatever is right for you and I wish you the best of everything regardless of what you decide. 😊

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