Positive Parenting is Powerful,
Yet Easy Parenting

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Hi, and welcome!

Positive parenting is powerful, yet easy parenting - neatly captures my approach to parenting in general:

• First of all, rest reassured, positive parenting isn't indulgent parenting or 'all pink and fluffy' with no grasp on reality. Rather, it's the other way around:

• This parenting style is focused on what really works for both your child and for you.

• And when parenting really works it is often when we just follow our common sense along with our strong gut feeling.

• When we manage to do that, parenting is in fact very simple - everybody can do it!

• But, as we all know, life with babies, toddlers and kids isn't always easy! Everybody - even the most resourceful of moms - needs support, new inspiration, practical tips and parenting advice at some point or other.

That is want I want to do on these positive parenting pages - I wish to provide you with:

• Useful, reflective parenting insights into different parenting styles, child development and the psychology of children.

• Positive parenting advice based on solid experience.

• Practical parenting tips on everything from baby separation anxiety - breastfeeding - potty training and sleeping issues to simple guidelines to respectfully handle toddler tantrums and child discipline matters.

My ultimate goal is to do it in a way that will:

• Empower you to trust your gut feeling and focus on WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS for you and your child.

Sometimes I'll suggest methods that may seem very logical to you, but sometimes they may also seem somewhat funny or unorthodox, but hey ... as long as the parenting advice works, you feel it's right for you, and your child is happy in the process ... who cares, right?

We're All in This Parenting Business Together - Let's Make This Work

I have more good news for you: You are not alone in this.

There are many devoted parenting allies out there just like you. In time as this site matures, you will be able to share your own insights, wisdom and parenting skills with everyone else ... right here, on these pages.

Also, I am here: Your positive parenting ally.

Please note that I'm not here to teach you.

Even though I am a cultural anthropologist with academic insights into human behaviour, psychology, and consciousness, I won't bore you with long academic speeches that are miles away from your hands-on reality - most of what you read on these pages will have a firm root in experience, typically my own as a mother.

My primary role as an anthropologist is not taking anything for granted. As a mother, I do the same thing. But the tools are different. As an anthropologist I question norms, rules and theories with my mind; as a mother I do it with my gut feeling and instinct.

With the tools of both a scientist and a mother my aim is to respectfully open parenting possibilities and encourage you.

I'm not without opinions, but you, of course, choose the direction you want for you and your child.

I will provide you with practical parenting advice that suggests ways to easily and successfully deal with breastfeeding, potty training, crying babies, bedtime rituals, tooth brushing, and the like.

Once again, these positive parenting tips are not teachings! They are helpful suggestions!

You are in power, you chose or you discard. Your choice! Always!

Ready? Okay, Fasten Your Seatbelt

So if you're ready to embark on a wonderful journey of self discovery while raising your child in a spirit of consciousness and love ...

... please go on, skim, read, devour, or whatever your mood, temperament or ambition dictates, these pages about positive parenting and other related subjects such as attachment parenting.

Not everything will be, you know, serious stuff. There will also be 'lighter' pages with beautiful breastfeeding art and photo galleries and funny kids' quotes ideal for the coffee break.

So please, stay tuned.

This site is all newborn. Lots of stuff - serious, inspirational, hopefully enlightening - and absolutely not to forget, fun - is on it way as you read these words.

If you're curious to know more about me, your positive parenting ally, you're welcome to read more about me by going here.

Your Positive Parenting Ally,

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