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Uplifting and Powerful
Children Self Esteem Stories

• We all know a powerful children self esteem story when we hear it!

• How? Well, simple, it hits you straight in your heart! BAM! 

• Now imagine if your personal self esteem story could be that one. The one that changed someone else's life!

• Empower yourself and others by sharing a self esteem uplifting story about yourself as a child or about your own kid or about something you've seen or heard!

Your Small Effort Makes a Big Difference
Share Your Self Esteem Uplifting Story!

The aim here is to make an online resource of positive stories for self esteem about children. And - and I guess I speak for many parents out there - I would love it if you would contribute and be a part of that!

Here you can choose to:

  • Read and be touched by powerful personal self esteem stories about children!

  •  Participate and empower other parents by sharing your own unique self esteem story!

  •  Comment on or give advice to other people's self esteem stories!

Really, there are no limitations of your self esteem story other than:

  • It must be about children and self esteem in one way or another!

To mention a few examples of how to do a children self esteem story:

  •  It could be a self esteem story about yourself as a child - of how you yourself overcame low self esteem! How you did it is really valuable knowledge!

  •  It could be a self esteem uplifting story about a child you know or an incident you've observed, for instance, in the playground. What happened and how did high self esteem show?

  •  It could be parenting self esteem stories about your own child. How, as a parent, do you help your child build high self esteem? We would all love to hear about it!

Share Your Children Self Esteem Story

Do you have a great self esteem story about yourself as a child, your own child or kids you know? Share it! What you may think is trivial might make a world of difference to someone else.

Stories Other Visitors Have Shared

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(Visitor's contribution to children self esteem stories): Most children struggle with issues of self esteem at some point, but it can be a lot worse …

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(Visitor's children self esteem stories): When my daughter was three-years-old I enrolled her in a local dance studio for a ballet/tap class and …

Resisting Kawasaki Shoes or not: A Self Esteem Story About Children Fashion Trends Not rated yet
(Webmaster's Children Self Esteem Stories:) One of my good friends works as social education worker in a continuation school for Danish kids and …

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