Cute Printable Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

It's Easter, and despite loving their holidays, many kids get bored with their freedom after a while. However, with these free Easter coloring pages, your kids will have many hours of creative and fun entertainment (and it doesn't even involve a screen - except for when choosing the coloring pages of course).

On this page you'll many, many different printable Easter images for your kids to color.

We've got lots of decorative Easter eggs, cute Easter bunnies, sweet Easter chickens and adorable Easter Lambs all ready to receive your kids' colorful pen.

All the Easter images below have a very high printing quality of 300 dpi, so you can be certain that they'll look great on paper.

When you download the images and if you want to insert them onto an A4 paper, they'll already have a perfect size. So you don't have to fiddle with with the image trying to make it fit.

Please note that all the free Easter coloring pages here are for personal use only. Thank you.

I hope your kids will enjoy these Easter bunnies, chicks and lambs eagerly waiting to receive some color.

Cute Easter Coloring Pages Gallery

In this Easter coloring pages gallery, you will find many different Easter images in different styles.

Some of the coloring pages are very simple, well-suited smaller children. Others are more detailed and intricate, perfect for an older child that have better fine motor skills, and wants to spend more time on the drawing.

Two Cute Bunnies with a Giant Easter Egg

Easter coloring page: Two bunnies with a giant Easter egg.

Sweet Easter Bunny Couple and a Lamb

Cute coloring page for Easter with two bunnies and a lamb.

Two Chickens in a Gondola Filled with Easter Eggs

Easter coloring page for kids with two chickens in a gondola.

Easter Chicken with Two Big Baskets of Flowers

Easter chicken with two big pots of flowers. Coloring page for kids.

Funny Duck Jumping over an Easter Egg

Funny duck and Easter egg.

Cute Duckling with Hat and Umbrella

Easter coloring page: Cute duckling with hat and umbrella

Two Easter Hares Pulling an Egg Cart with Mother Hen

Coloring page for Easter: Two hares pulling a cart with a mother hen.

Easter Bunny Family Carrying Easter Eggs

Easter coloring page with Easter bunnies with eggs and branches.

Easter Bunny in Egg Mobile

Cute Easter bunny in egg mobile. Coloring page for Easter.

Sweet Easter Bunny with Decorative Easter Eggs

Cute Easter rabbit with many Easter eggs. Coloring page for kids.

Funny Easter Egg Man

Funny Easter coloring page for kids. Easter egg man.

Funny Easter Egg Woman

Funny vintage Easter egg woman. Coloring page for kids.

Easter Hare with Easter Eggs and a Paintbrush

Easter coloring pages: Easter hare with eggs and paintbrush.

Mother Hen on a Bicycle with Easter Eggs

Mother hen on a bicycle with Easter eggs. Coloring page for kids.

Two Easter Lambs Pulling an Egg Cart with Little Girl

Two cute lambs pulling an egg cart with little girl. Cute Easter coloring page.

Mother Goose Pulling a Cart with Easter Eggs

Easter coloring page with Mother goose pulling a cart with Easter eggs.

Two Cute Bunnies with a Big Flower

Easter coloring page for kids. Two cute bunnies with a flower


That was the end of my Easter coloring pages for kids. I really hope you found some that appealed to you and that your kids will enjoy coloring.

If you're in the mood for more creative Easter activities, you might like my page with easy Easter crafts for kids.

Happy Easter greeting from a sunny spring day in Denmark.

Your Positive Parenting Ally,

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