A Funny Parenting Tip Treasure - Hilarious Parents & Funny Kids Videos That'll Light up Your Day

Looking for a funny parenting tip to raise your spirits and put a smile on your lips?

Look no further! 

Here you'll find the 'crème de la crème' of funny parenting videos each one containing one or more hilariously parenting tips on babies, toddlers or just kids in general.

All the parenting videos have been handpicked by me and chosen for their high laugh potential - and of course they reflect my own rather broad sense of humor (I particularly like the far-out, senseless and absurd British Monty Python kind of humor but I also enjoy the sweet and cute kind that typically characterize the funny stuff kids do!)

• Now, enough about me, let's get going with the first funny parenting tip!

Funny Tip No. 1

Keep an Open Mind!
Who Decides What a Toilet Is for Anyway?

This example of funny kids videos is of a happy, explorative toddler sticking his down the toilet. In my opinion this video definitely belongs in the typical parenting tragic-comic humor category.

Don't we all know the situation when on the one hand we're unpleasantly surprised and think of the undesirable consequences and on the other hand the situation is so absurd and the child so ecstatically happy, that we scream in horror while laughing at the same time?

Well, I do. I hope you do, too! Enjoy :-)

Funny Tip No. 2

Celebrate the Simple, Raw Power of a Blessed Pacifier!

This is a funny parenting video for new fathers. What I think makes it funny is the simple way the message is delivered and the immediate effect of the dad's parenting tip!

Funny Tip No. 3

Why Go for Only One Laugh
When You Can Have Four at the Same Time?

This example of parenting videos with quadruplets babies laughing celebrates the cute and sweet sense of humor. We laugh because others laugh. Simple, but powerful!

Funny Parenting No. 4

We All Have Steam to Let Out ... Why not Do It in a Song?

This parenting video is not funny in the sense of making us laugh out loud. No, I think it's funny because it's a funny way putting things together in a way that we normally don't see.

Here we a woman, probably a mom, singing in a ceremonious, opera-like way about the very basic things she wants her children to do, like brushing their teeth etc.

Funny Tip No. 5

 It's Okay to Laugh When Authorities Put Their Foot In Their Mouth!

This funny parenting video is by Mr President Barack Obama himself. Now, what Obama says is actually not that funny but the way that does it, is.

What's funny is the way that he is slowly but surely stepping out in some deep quicksand.

He's obviously improvising and getting more and more off track in his speech, giving parenting advice that he actually doesn't seem too sure about, namely 'whooping your neighbour's children as well as your own'.

Particularly the end of Obama's parenting video makes me laugh because his laugh is basically saying 'oops'!

I hope you enjoyed this funny parenting tips article of funny parenting videos:-) If you want more parenting humor, you're welcome to dive into the links below.

Your Positive Parenting Ally,

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