High Needs Baby Girl = Attachment Parenting = Yale

by Cheryl Lee
(Jacksonville, FL)

Visitor's high need baby story:

My daughter was born full term in Dec 1999. I was shocked that she cried any time she was out of arms. She cried the instant I put her down for the night. So I picked her up. My hubs and inlaws insisted it was wrong....that she should "cry it out." Poppycock.

She slept in our bed, loved dancing around the house listening to classical music...first in my arms, and later on her own. She nursed very often. She nursed until she was 2.5 years old.

She was curious about everything before she could talk. I spoke to her constantly. I held her whenever she liked. She wanted skin to skin contact.

By age 5, she was as independent as can be! She excelled in school despite being a military kid and moving 3 times in 5 years and having attended 3 schools by age 7.

She qualified for Duke TIP and gleefully left us 3 weeks for 2 summers in middle school. She loved the dorm life. She loved getting away from us.

She got a 35 on her ACT her Jr year of HS. She graduated class Valedictorian. She was accepted into both Georgetown School of Foreign Service and Yale. She flew away by herself to Yale last August. She is a member of the Yale Ballroom Dance Team, so those years dancing around paid off.

I guess what I am saying is, a "high needs baby" is simply intelligent. She knew there was a lot to learn and she wasted zero time "napping" and can do well on only 4h of sleep per night.

Respond and LOVE your high needs baby! They are geniuses!

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