It's Never too Late

by Hailey Hanks
(Laredo Texas )

(Visitor's experience):
I grew up with a narcissistic mother and a good hearted, father.

My narcissistic mother envied any connecting that my father and I had because she didn't know how to connect with him, herself.

Throughout my life, she made me feel like I was her best friend.. like if she was telling me everything. Even personal details about her relationship with my father. Of course she would only tell me things that would turn me AGAINST my father or cause more division and confusion between my father and I.

You can say, I missed out on having a dad and his guidance my whole life because my mother programmed me to not listen to a word my dad said, as well as make me think that SHE was the only one I could feel comfortable with.

After 30 years of marriage, she claimed to find her soul mate on Instagram and she kicked my dad and I out on the streets with no income. It took this horrible stunt that she pulled, for me to FULLY see the severity of her envy and her mental illness. She couldn't stand the fact that dad and I were getting closer as I was getting older and wiser.

I may be 18 years late, but I now give my dad my full attention and I give him the ear he deserves. After all, he's the wisest man I know and it's an honor and a blessing to have such an amazing guide and teacher in my life.

~ Hailey Hanks ~

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