Narcissistic Mother Humiliates with a Lie

by Eric

Visitor's Story:

There was an embarrassing story about me my mother told frequently enough to make me think it was in her mind, one of the most defining events in my life.

I had no recollection of it nor memory of the baby sitter (Lori), but the story itself burned itself into my memory. I do recall Lori's younger brother that was very kind to me as a little kid, and the family 2 houses away from ours until we moved age 5. But no memory of the older sister that I was told babysat.

I happened to meet this baby sitter when I was 55 years old introduced by my mother at my father's funeral. Lori was surprised to see me there having forgotten I even existed, so naturally asked me questions where I lived, my occupation etc. I'm not a braggart but am a doctor and said so.

Then in front of the baby sitter and others, my mother found opportunity to repeat the humiliating story she had apparently chosen to define me. I knew already the moment she interrupted verbatim the words to follow.

"He was much too old, but he pooped his diaper. As Lori changed him, he noticed the terrible expression of her face and asked, What's the matter Lori?" Then she chuckled tossing her head back oblivious to the momentary glare Lori directed at her before Lori said. "He was never even there when I baby sat. I don't even remember him being around."

So there it was a lie.

My mother changed the subject. My mother is crazy. She made up the story then convinced herself it was true. Like everything else. A delusion. In retrospect the story was impossible. I was too near sighted to see anyone's expression. Not until first grade did my teacher notice I was blind.

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