Paid Surrogacy

by Diane

Visitor's opinion:
Let me start off by saying I have no issue with altruistic surrogacy. The type done out of the kindness of one's heart and not rooted in economic need.

Paid Surrogacy on the other hand is ethically dodgy and exploitative. Especially surrogacy resulting from first worlders turning to the cheaper wombs of poverty stricken third world wombs. Even in the US you primarily have women not turning to lending their womb out of their want to help others but for their economic need.

When you look at statistics of women who are surrogates you see the majority of them are poor women; they need the money, not women in the middle and upper classes; these women do not become paid surrogates. These surrogates motivation is poverty. To me this is a form of economic coercion. It is taking advantage of women who are not financially stable enough to go into making this decision willingly.

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