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Positive Parenting Ally - coal drawing - drinking milk from bottleHi, I'm your positive parenting ally and my name is Birgitte - yes, a name that may seem rather exotic for most of you and perhaps almost impossible to pronounce.

The reason for this unusual name is that I'm Danish and live in Denmark: a small, Scandinavian country that is warm in spirit but cold in weather (at least in the winter).

Cultural and geographical differences aside, I'm sure we have this in common:

  • We are curious, self reflective parents ...

  • ... who wish to practice easy and successful positive parenting ...

  • ... resulting in conscious and happy kids ... and parents :-)

Positive Parenting Explained By Someone Who Has 'Been There, Done That'

Most of what I deal with in relation to positive parenting has a solid basis in experience - either mine, or in time, yours.

This experience-based foundation is very important, as it adds tremendous credibility to the written word - in other words, most of what you read about here has been done ... and it WORKS!

However, there will also be more theoretically orientated articles on e.g. attachment theory or positive psychology theory for those of you are interested in parenting backed up by science.

My Own Parenting Experience

My parenting experience was born in 2007 along with my son. As a baby he was what may be termed a high need baby, and now he has developed into an active, curious, and highly socially orientated little boy.

Even though I haven't had the pleasure of raising a teenager ... yet, the basics of positive parenting are timeless and will work with kids of all ages.

How do I know this?

Because the core of this positive parenting style: deep presence, high awareness, full acceptance and love are qualities we also love in another person as adults.

As I am a cultural anthropologist and an adventurer in the field of personal development and self improvement, everything I have experienced in relation to my son has been the subject of scrutiny and theorizing.

I try to see how every little thing relates to other things and fits into the big picture of life; plus how I may help myself and other people get a better 'parenting life'.

I always want a deeper understanding and a better, easier, more natural and more fun way of doing things.

It's a passion and I simply can't help myself.

I find the journey of discovering which parenting ideas work and which don't, exciting, fascinating, and incredibly rewarding.

My son is being raised by me alone (his father lives abroad - and we stopped being a pair before I even discovered I was pregnant), which has provided me with unique insights into the challenges and - yes, the benefits of single parenting.

A subject I will deal with in depth as this positive parenting ally site matures.

A Spoon of Porridge in One Hand, a Paintbrush in the Other, and in the Third Hand ... Yes, I'm an Octopus

Not only have I always had tons of things on the go at the same time - they were also typically very different. Variety and fun have always been important values for me.

  • As I already mentioned, I'm educated as a cultural anthropologist (a Masters) which means I have a sceptical mind and take no cultural norms for granted, no matter how powerful they may seem.

    In relation to parenting that means considering all parenting advice in relation to two criteria:

    • Does it really work?

    • Does it respect all parties involved? (Both you and your child)


  •  While being a mother, a scientist and an adventurer, I'm also having fun as an artist, doing oil paintings and coal drawings (and yes, it is a painting I have made of me and my son that you see in the top left corner of this page).

  • I've also always been a great sports enthusiast and all throughout my childhood I would have at least 3-4 different kind of sports on the go at the same time (at one time I was participating in 7 different kinds of sports, so yes, sports were a large part of my life).

  • As I grew older and time to do sports grew less, I ended up with just handball, tennis and karate. And now being a single mother time only amounts to playing tennis a bit now and then.

  • Last but not least I am building this Positive Parenting Ally website as I find it a great way to get my messages out!

    If you're curious about why exactly I started Positive-Parenting-Ally.com, and want to know about the wonderful existential gifts I've received since building this website, you might like to read my SBI! review (SBI! or Solo Build It is the great host that that made this website possible).

I really hope you will enjoy your visit on my website.

Your Positive Parenting Ally,

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