Rights of the Child

by Tom

(Visitor's opinion): A child has the natural right to be raised by their natural father and natural mother. With surrogacy, we start with the intent to deny the child this right, especially when the surrogate's egg or a third party's sperm is used. In some cases, the child ends up being intentionally denied any type of mother or father, such as when being raised by a gay or lesbian couple, or a single parent. There are times with a traditional pregnancy where the child ends up without one or both of their natural parents, through divorce, accident, etc., but these aren't due to intent, and we rightly recognize that the child is sadly being denied something that they should have.

~ Tom

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Nov 27, 2015
Yes - Children are a gift, not a 'right'
by: Paul

Well put Tom. One important reason for looking on chidlren as a gift is that it helps to dispel the misleading idea that every couple (or even single people) are entitle to a child.

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