Surrogacy and Egg Donation
- A Mother's Tale

by Alberta

(Visitor's story) If you think about your feelings to a child who was not born with your own egg, it means you are not yet at the necessary stage of expectations and dreams of a child. Lack of eggs is not the worst thing that can happen.

Besides eggs, I do not have uterus and I am denied the opportunity even to bear a child, to feel how it stirs in me, how it is growing up.

Every day I woke up with a sense of my child’s smell, I heard his voice, his thoughts and desires. I even started talking to him.

How do you think where it would lead to?

I have almost stopped to feel like a woman, despite the fact that my husband fought for me from last forces.

About surrogacy, I have learned from my sister who spent all her time on the Internet searching my salvation.

And you know, I dreamed about a child so much that I did not doubt for a second, furthermore I did not have a lot of choices. Since I am from Hungary, we started looking for an opportunity to give birth to our child with the help of a surrogate mother abroad.

After reviewing a large number of clinics, we stayed at the clinic BioTexCom in Ukraine. They offered an ‘all inclusive’ package that we were very happy with, as we were only focused on winning.

I cannot say that everything was simple, the waiting drove us crazy, it seemed that I would be told that nothing happened and I would never have the child with my husband’s eyes.

But after 1.5 years I had my daughter, my angel, my whole world.

Now my princess is one year old, and many friends who do not even guess how I had my baby, they say that my daughter looks like me.

If you are really ready to become a mother, no matter whose egg is there, Mom is only one who grows and loves.

~ Alberta ~

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