Surrogacy Should Be Regarded as a Gift by Medical Science and not Exploited

by Anonymous

Visitor's opinion:

No doubt with the option of surrogacy, disappointed couples are granted their happiness in the form of a child, which is a right of every being.

But every situation is different. If a couple is not opting for adoption merely due to the reason that they want a child with their blood, then sorry I don't think they actually love children, and what about those couples who are not able to afford the expensive techniques - don't they deserve a child. Further those cases where the surrogate child faces problems as in cases where the couple disowns a handicap child or so.

Moreover we all know not all women would agree to become a surrogate mother if money wasn't involved. It somehow exploits the women of poor society, who are not aware or educated about the medical points of the same.

Surrogacy can maintain its ethics only if proper binding laws are formed protecting all - the child, the couple, the surrogate mother.

There are many people who love to talk about their positive experience from surrogacy and that's good, but cases where any sort of mishappening occurs they are mostly not even published.

So to conclude according to me, surrogacy is a very positive achievement of mankind, but it should be prevented from exploitation.

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