The Middle Child with a Narcissistic Mother

by Margie

Visitor's story

I can't believe it took me so long to see the light but it finally clicked the day our mother moved in with our oldest sister who was only 54 at the time.

Upon my visit to see them I was floored by the overt selfishness of my mother who was more than capable of living on her own but who made terrible financial decisions at the cost of meeting all her "wants".

Now, that we know the truth, it's been 2 years of healing and recovering she is much easier to take because we know all her tricks and she is always up to manipulating others to get what she wants.

The biggest revelation of all came when I finally realized that I married a narcissist.

I spent years hitting my head against a brick wall as to why this marriage has been so difficult despite my enormously giving nature.

This has been the most painful realization.

I have finally been able to admit that he has verbally abused me in our marriage for 31 years and I deserve better!

The healing is now flooding in the depth of my soul.

I will soon be confronted with his mother and their enmeshment as I prepare myself and am ready to lay the foundation for how these relationship is going to be from now on. I find myself putting up boundaries right and left...and can clearly see that is what it's going to take.

You can do this too! Admit the truth, and take back your power! If your narcissists don't like it, they can lump it. I assure if they're anything like mine, they won't dare leave you because you're the best thing that ever happened or will ever happen in their life.

This new found freedom feels glorious!

Best of luck to all of you!

~ Margie ~

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