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Educational Kids Math Games and Cool Math Websites

Kids math games can be so much fun, and using cool math games for kids can be the one of the best way to help your child learn math.

Second and additional paragraphs go here. Cool math for kids or fun math games for kids is a great way to learn math because it 'plays' the math directly into your kids so to speak.

On these pages of fun math activities you will find lots of cool math games, math games, fun math games, elementary math games, math multiplication games, printable math games, math fact games, primary math games, math addition games, or math fraction games.

Why Kids Math Games Are Tailor Suited Your Kids' Brain!

Making math into games and play is the best way to teach kids math: girl intense look into cameraThe truth is that kids are curious and actually really, really love to learn.

And the way they learn the best is by experimenting, testing and playing - all which are the basic ingredients in games.

This is why math games are so effective, as via play math is subtly sneaked into the equation (yes, pun intended).

All in all, these fun math activities will be the key to teaching your kids math - they will no doubt love the playing while getting wiser at the same time.

And who knows, it might just be fun for you too! :-)

Free Online Math Games to Play at Home!

Cute drawing of little girl and laptop - lots of good math websites out there.Most kids are interested in the latest technology, and they are good at it. Probably better than you!

For instance the other day my four-year-old was introduced to a game one of my friend's smartphones (I don't have one myself - just an old mobile relic). Anyway, he had never tried playing with a touchscreen before and within 15 minutes he had already figured out maneuvers that my friend didn't even know existed!

Kids' experimental brain is perfect for learning and trying new stuff so educational online games will be a walk in the park within long and can be a good supplement to more traditional off-line teachings.

The internet is full of math websites that have all kinds of amazingly fun math games, so you would do well to check out some of these sites to find out exactly what is available for your kids.

If you don't want to spend all your time looking around for great sites with great free math games online, check out these kids math games sites for all kinds of math addition games, multiplication math games, and games that will help your kids to learn about all things math-related:

Figure This

This website was developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, a bunch of pros who know exactly how hard it can be to learn math.

The games on this site will make it fun and easy for your child to learn math, and you may find that they spend more time on that site once they feel their skills are improving.


Simply because succeeding and improving yourself feels good! :-)

Cool Math

Cool Math is a website that not only features fun math games for kids, but also drills and quizzes that will help them to hone their math skills.

It can be a great site for kids of all ages, as the site is completely interactive and will help them to learn all kinds of math skills that they will need as they progress in their school.

Drawing of a computer mouseMath Forum

For kids who just need a bit more help with their math, this is a great place to go to get that help from the experts.

This site has conversations with teachers and professors who provide help with all kinds of math problems for kids of all ages, and there are a number of awesome features like Problems of the Week or Ask Dr. Math that will be just what your kids need.

Fun Brain

Fun Brain is a site that is dedicated to all kinds of games that will help your child to develop their brain in an entertaining way, including using math skills to do so.

The games on this site are on all topics, but there is a whole category dedicated entirely to cool math games and math fact games that can help your kids to practice their math skills.

Fleet Kids

This is an excellent math games site where kids will learn not only math, but practical, hands-on skills that they will need to develop in order to use practical math in real life situations.

The games include running a store, playing a fictional stock market, and more, and your child will find that these real life math skills can be a great boost to their education and their practical development.

Playing kids math games online can be a very helpful tool to learning while playing. Picture of  a hand cursor.Manga High

Again, this site isn't dedicated exclusively to math problems, but there are about a dozen math games that your child can play - games that will be surprisingly fun while still being very educational.

If your child gets tired of the simple Flash games on many of the other sites, the games on this site are much more advanced and complex - though the math problems remain simple enough.

All in all, it's a great place to check out if your kids need help in math!

The truth is that these kids math games sites are just a few of the sites that you can check out to help your child learn important math skills, and there are hundreds more available online if you'll just take the time to look …!

Inspirational List of Fun Math Activities and Fun Math Games for Kids of All Ages

So, let's get down to the business of playing fun math games for kids with your children.

In the list of math games for kids below, you will find games for kids of all ages, games that can make learning math a whole lot more fun for your kids.

Some kids math games will be more complex, while others will be simple - but all of them can be a whole lot of fun!

Check out the fun math activities list to find a few ideas of fun math games that you can play with your kids - no matter how old they are:

Learning fractions with a deck of cards - playing fun kids math games.Fractioned Deck

For older kids ages 8 to 13, this is a good math fraction games example to help them practice their fraction skills using a deck of cards.

Take the deck, assign the face cards their proper numbers (J is 11, Q is 12, K is 13, and A is 1), and turn the deck over so the kids can't see the face.

Give the kids a chance to pick two cards without looking at them, and have them hold so the others can't see them.

On the count of three, each of the kids must place their two cards making the largest fraction possible (i.e. your child gets a 3 and a 5, so their fraction would be 3/5).

Whichever child has the largest fraction wins.

If you really want to get advanced, try making improper fractions (i.e. 5/2, 8/3, etc.) to see which child can use their fractions the best.

Label the Container

Learning about measurements and multiplication: Photo of a 2 litres measuring cup.This game is oriented towards kids aged 6 to 12.

Before you play this game, you will need to teach your kids about the different sizes of measurement, such as cups, quarts, liters, etc.

Make sure that each child understands the different measurements.

Take a number of containers of different sizes, and cover the labels with white paper to ensure that the kids can't see the size of the container in quarts or liters.

Cut some containers in half, thirds, etc., and have each of the kids draw what they think the size of the container should be (i.e. a milk jug contains 1 quart, half a gallon bottle contains 2 quarts, etc.).

Use measuring cups to fill the containers with the amounts the children have written, and see who can get the closest to getting it right!

Half and Half

Three different sizes of measuring cups to fill containers.This is a good type of math fraction game for kids 8 to 13 years old, as it helps them to learn fractions.

Hand out a measuring cup to each child (i.e. ½ cup to one child, ¼ cup to another child, 1/8 cup, etc.).

Have them fill up containers of different sizes, counting how many times they have to fill their measuring cup before the container is completely filled. Once they have filled the container, they have to count how many cups are made by counting how many half, quarter, or eighth cups they used.

This kid math game can be great fraction practice for kids of any age, and can help them to learn how fractions are multiplied or divided.

Gimme Change

Having fun with counting coins: Big pile of coins.For kids of all ages.

Give your kids each a handful of pennies, dimes, quarters, and nickels, but tell them not to count what they have.

Hand each of them a 1-dollar bill, and tell them that you would like the equivalent in change.

Once they have gotten the change right, hand them a 5 dollar bill and ask them for change.

Give them back the 1 dollar of change if needed, and they can use the dollar bill as well.

Once the 5 is done, use a 10 dollar bill, and so on. See if they can determine how much change they would need to give you change for 100 dollars (if you have that much ;-)

Shopping Mission

Learning about the value of money by going shopping - fun math for kids.This type of kids math games can be fun for most kids, regardless of their age.

There is something about shopping with the parents, especially if the kids get to decide what they are going to spend.

Divide your shopping list into two or three parts - one part per child - and have them go around the store with you getting all the items on their list.

The goal is to complete the list while still spending the least amount of money.

Set a goal in such a way that everybody has a maximum amount they are allowed to spend and if they get below a certain amount, mission is accomplished with excellence.

This means that the kids won't be competing with each other - but competing with the 'task' so to say.

Obviously the optimal result is everybody getting below the minimum amount.

Guess the Coin

This game is usually for smaller kids that are still learning how to count money, usually ages 4 to 7.

Place a penny, a dime, a nickel, and a quarter on the floor.

Tell your child to hand you a coin, but don't tell them which coin you want - give them clues instead.

Tell them "I want the coin that is one less than your age (for six year olds)", "Give me the coin that is one more than our family", and so on until the child guesses it right.

It can be a lot of fun for kids, and it can help them to quickly identify both the coins and the value of the coins.

Match the Money

Fun kids math games with money - how much is one Amercian dollar.This kids math games example is oriented more towards 7 to 11 year olds, as it can be a bit more complex.

Lay out a dollar on the floor, and tell the kids to match exactly that amount of money using as many or as few coins as they want.

Once they match the money, have them match the same amount using different coins.

Have them match the money in five different ways, giving them great practice with their addition and multiplication.

You can use as much as 20 dollars to play the game, though you will need to give the kids bills as well as coins in order to go that high.

Count the Coupons

This is a fun game for kids aged 6 to 13.

For a few months, cut all the coupons that you can find from newspapers and advertisements, even if you aren't going to use them.

Once you feel that you have enough, put them on the dining room table and have each of the kids sit around the table.

Spread out all the coupons so the kids can see them, and have them each select a coupon one at a time - going around the table.

Once you have gathered all the coupons, total up the amount that each child has earned. Some will be coupons for a certain dollar discount ($1 off) while others will be for a discount of a percentage (15% off).

Take the time to call or visit each of the places to find out how much money that percentage is, and see how much money was saved by counting coupons.

Clip out Newspaper Numbers

Fun kids math games is all about being creative. Using a pair of scissors and an old newspaper to cut out numnbers.For kids ages 4 to 8.

For this kids math games activity, pull out any newspaper from your house, and take the time to search through the paper to find as many numbers as possible.

Have your kids clip out the numbers as they find them, counting from 1 to 2 to 3 and so on as they cut.

Give each child a newspaper and see which how high you can get together and how high a number you can reach by counting consecutively.

Take a Number

For children aged 6 to 12.

If you don't know what to do on a lazy weekend afternoon, play this fun game with any books or magazines.

Have each child select three books that they enjoy, and have them each choose a story that they like.

Have them count the page numbers (i.e. a six page story), and add from the first page of the story (i.e. a four page story starts on page 62 = 66).

They will each choose three stories from each of the books, and then count how many pages each person has - and afterwards add all your pages together - by adding up the numbers of pages in the book.

Shopping and Saving

Learning math while doing the shopping is a great way to learn about the value of money: Picture of shopping groceries.Teach your kids how to save money with this game for kids of all ages.

Take your kids shopping with you, and have them help you find the products that will be the best.

Tell your kids you have a certain amount of money to work with, and the goal is to find products that will be good - but cheap as well.

They have to try and find the cheapest products of good quality, and together you will see how much money you can save.

This will help your kids learn the difference between buying cheap products and looking for a good deal.

Scavenger Hunt

For kids of all ages.

Give each of the kids a certain number that they need to reach, such as 100, 200, etc.

Hide little clues around the house, and on each clue have a multiplication or addition problem that the child will need to solve before moving on.

Once they have solved the problem, they can read the clue on the card to find other hidden clues with more math problems.

If you don't want to make a competition out of it, make your kids work together instead. Let them take turns in solving clues and the person not solving the clues will be a coach to the one that is facing the math.

Treasure Finder

For kids of all ages.

Give your kids the chance to find buried treasure in your backyard by doing math problems.

Hide a buried treasure somewhere in your backyard, and hide the clues to the treasure throughout the house.

Give the kids a decoder list with colors each assigned a number (blue = 42, red =16, green = 81, etc.), and have the kids fill in the blanks of the clues by figuring out the math problems (i.e. I am hiding in the 9 x 9 cup).

The final clue should lead the kids to find the treasure, which can be a special snack, movie, or game that you will all enjoy together.

Family Graph

Make math for kids fun by creating a family graph.Learning about graphs is important for older kids, so this can be a fun game for your kids aged 9 to 12.

Take a few pictures of your entire family, and find the traits that many of you share (i.e. blue eyes, brown hair, etc.).

Make a graph of just how many people in the family have a certain hair color, how many of the family went bald early, etc.

Work together to make the most accurate graph you can and use the graphs to "foretell your future".

Food Prep

For kids of all ages.

Working with Mom or Dad in the kitchen can be fun for any kids, but you can turn food prep into cool math for kids quite easily.

Have the kids determine how much food you eat at each meal, judging the raw ingredients to figure out how much they come out to.

Remind your child that some ingredients shrink, while others expand. Work with them to figure out how many cups of water per cup of rice, how much meat per person, etc.

The result of this kids math games example will be a tasty dinner that they prepared using their math skills.

Count the License Plates

Counting license plates can be a fun kids math game. Old ontario license plate.For kids of all ages. Give each of your children a certain color, and have them find as many cars of that color as possible.

Have them write down the last number (or two - depending on age) of the license plates of the cars that you pass, and when you reach your destination have them add up all the numbers.

These really are just a few examples of fun kids math games that you can play with your kids, and the truth is that cool math for kids are all around you - if you can just find a way to get creative with things in your everyday life.

Good luck!

Your Positive Parenting Ally,

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