Online science websites for kids

36 Recommended Science Websites for Kids: Educational Sites for Kids That Make Learning Fun

If you want to teach your child about science, science websites for kids are an excellent choice.

Kids love using the internet and modern technology, and using these kids science websites will enable you to teach them in a way that will capture their interest.

These science sites for kids contain all kinds of great content found on general science sites, solar system sites, science games sites, science news sites and science life sites - and you will find that these kids science sites can be the perfect choice for you.

So what kind of content can you find?

If you look hard enough, you can find inspiration to all kinds of science fair project ideas, science news for kids, many a science magazine for kids, science activities for kids, and even entertaining science articles for kids.

In reality, there is no end to the awesome content that you can find online, and the many science websites for kids will provide you with a nearly endless amount of fun and education for your child.

Science sites for kids can be a great educational resource - and great fun too.

Why Use the Internet

When it comes to finding content for your child, the science sites for kids are one of the best choices.

The reason that using the internet is such a great idea is due to the fact that there is no end to the content you can find online.

The amount of information available through the internet is endless, not only through the traditional sources, but also through other means.

Don't know what science sites for kids to check out?

I've done some digging and here are some of the best science websites for kids…

5 General Information Based Science Websites for Kids

Girl thinking about science problems. Good science sites for kids. Wikipedia

When it comes to learning the hardcore facts of life, there is nothing better than Wikipedia.

All of the articles on the site contain complex and complete information on nearly everything you could want to teach your child about science.

Obviously a lot of the information is going to be fairly complex, but you can go through the content to help simplify it for your child.

Bill Nye

Bill Nye is the top dog in the science world, and his site contains a little bit of everything related to science.

His amazing TV series entertained children for years, and his site is guaranteed to get your child hooked on all things science.

Not only does his site review a lot of the stuff learned in his TV show, but it has all kinds of humor, experiments, and games that can help your child develop a budding interest in science.

How Stuff Works

Learning the mechanics of the universe will take a lifetime, but your child can learn all kinds of fascinating things on the How Stuff Works website.

It doesn't matter if your kid wants to learn how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, how the Earth turns on its axis, or how to dissect a frog - this one of science websites for kids has it all.

Try Science

For parents who want to spark an interest in science, this science website is a must-visit.

It contains all kinds of basic information on scientific things that your child will find fascinating, along with many experiments that you can try at home, a tour of museums via webcam, good games, and pretty much everything your child could want.

Science News for Kids

If your child already has a developed interest in science, Science News for Kids is the best website for him or her to stay connected to.

This example of science sites for kids contains resources on all things science, as well as the latest science news, fascinating articles on popular topics, and resources that will help to keep your kid hooked on science.

5 Kids Science Websites about The Solar System

Learning about the planets and the solar system.


Netflix contains all kinds of awesome videos, such as movies, TV shows, and documentaries.

The list of nature documentaries available via Netflix is constantly growing, and you can access pretty much any Discovery Channel documentary series by going on Netflix.

As far as convenient videos goes, Netflix is your best choice to get your hands on quality DVDs.

Yahoo! Kids

This type of science websites for kids contains all kinds of fun videos and content for your kids, and you will find the wide variety of useful science videos and documentaries available on the site will blow your child's mind.

You can see videos of the Mars Rover, learn about the universe and the cosmos, and study a great deal into planet Earth via the fascinating videos you can access for free on this site.

NASA Kids Club

The NASA Kids Club site contains lots of videos, but it also contains a virtual tour of the cosmos, a journey guided by Buzz Lightyear, and many other activities - such as Moon Dancing (literally).

If you want to teach your child about the solar system and planets, check out this amazing NASA site.

Science Monster

This site offers all kinds of awesome content, such as a tour and full information on Mars, Earth, and the rest of the solar system.

It is a very colorful site that is guaranteed to hold the attention of your child, and it is sure to keep him or her entertained for hours as they explore the wonders of our solar system.

Your Weight on Other Worlds

Have you ever wondered how much you would weigh if you lived on Mercury or Pluto?

With this one of science sites for kids, you can instantly see just how much you would weigh on any of the other planets in our solar system.

Your child find that he or she will be far too heavy to live on some planets, while they will weigh so little that they will float off some of the other planets.

5 Science Sites for Kids with Fun Science Games

For Kids
( thinking and knowledge games for kids online. Drawing of thinking boy with question mark hovering above his head.

The NASA site contains all kinds of great games for kids, games that will entertain while educating.

Your child can spend hours playing the fun games that will help to teach them about the solar system, our planets, and so much more.

Don't be surprised if they spend more time than you had expected, as the games on this site are great for kids between the ages of 4 and 10.

Science Kids

The Science Kids website is designed to help children develop an interest in all things science, and the website contains all kinds of awesome games, facts, and experiments that you can try.

As a bonus to teachers, the site also features a bundle of tips that can help make teaching science fun.

Kids Zone

Kids bored of the classic space shooting games will find that the puzzles, crosswords, polls, and other features of the site will enthrall them and entrance them for hours on end.

This example of science sites for kids is teaching kids all about science, with a little bit of everything thrown into the mix.


Children with an interest in machines and mechanics will find that the game on the Robots site will allow them to build their interest as well as a robot. Basically, it's endless hours of fun for free.


For kids with a scientific bent, this site is the ultimate place to go.

Your kids can actually submit their experiments to the site, particularly if the experiments are unique and interesting.

It doesn't matter what areas of science your child is interested in, provided they can come up with crazy ideas and test them this site is for them.

3 Websites for Kids on Fun Science Experiments

Fun science experiments.

Weird Science Kids

On this science site for kids, you can learn about all kinds of fascinating, freaky, and weird science experiments that you can try at home or at school.

You can learn all about biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, and a lot more thanks to the wide variety of information available on this site.

Kids Do It Yourself Science

Just like parents love DIY home improvement projects, so too kids love to try their own DIY science projects.

Don't know what your child could be interested in? Let them loose on this website and let them try as many of these whacky projects as they want on their own?

As long as they don't get into the crazy chemical projects, you will find that they will love spending time researching and experimenting with the fun stuff on this site.

Science Experiments for All Around Your Home

This great web resource is recommended by one of my young visitors, Marie.

Marie was to do a science fair project in school and didn't really know what to do... until she came across this article with lists of great science experiments to do at home: E.g. watching celery stalks sucking up colored water in the kitchen or watching balloons attract small pieces of paper with static electricity in the living room.

Marie asked her mother to ask me to include this resource on this page, so that other students could benefit too. So this is what I'm doing: paying it forward!

Have fun with it everybody - and thanks Marie!


3 Biology Websites for Kids

Girl looking through microscope: Great kids science websites on biology.

Cells Alive!

For kids interested in learning about biology, the study of cells, cell reproduction and division, mitosis, cell cycles, and all things related to cells, this website is the best place to go.

With content that is geared specifically towards children, the website contains a wide variety of complex information presented simply to your child.

As far as biology goes, this site is one of the best places to check out how cells work.

Frogs of the Australian National

Most little boys love to spend time studying up on frogs, and this site contains all kinds of fascinating information on frogs.

The site focuses mainly on frogs in Australia, but you can find a wide variety of information on every kind of frog around the world - including the poisonous frogs that will fascinate your son.

Mike's Page

For kids with an interest in reptiles (snakes) and amphibians (frogs and crocodiles), Mike's Page is the place to go.

On this website, you can find a wide variety of content on all things reptilian and amphibian, and your child will spend hours fascinated at all the slithery slimy animals he or she can research about.

7 Kids Science Sites with Resources and News

Funny drawing of a computer news speaker.Triumph of the Nerds

If your child is interested in the history and science that has gone into developing computers over the decades, this is the best site to check out.

The site leads your child through a journey that has led to nerds leading the world through modern technology like the PC and smart phone.

Natural Inquirer

This is like an online newspaper for kids who love science, and it will be a great way for your child to stay abreast of the latest in the scientific community.

It is for kids in middle school, and is one of the best educational journals for science addicts.

Everyday Mysteries

This is basically a collections of fun facts taken from the Library of Congress, but it is a site that your child will love thanks to the fact that it answers strange scientific questions like "Why is a banana a vegetable and a tomato a fruit?"

Science Learning Network

The Science Learning Network website has a list of the top 10 science websites that your child has to visit, and you will find them hooked on the fascinating content found on these sites.

You can find out more about the museums your child can visit, as well as check out some of the exhibits from the museums and learn more about everything.

The World's Most Unanswered Science Project (

This is a fascinating site where you can find answers to many of the complicated science projects that your child will be hard pressed to find answers to elsewhere.

It doesn't matter if he or she wants to figure out what happens if you put mirrors in front of each other or how hot a candle flame is, this site has answers to everything.

Explain That Stuff!

Kids love to know how things work, but some adults simply don't understand everything well enough to explain it all to them.

Rather than being stumped when your child asks how something works, direct them to this simple website where they can learn everything they need to know how about things works, as well as simple explanations on the complex mechanisms that power big things.

Girls Reaching Out With Science

For your little girl, this site is going to be an absolute treasure trove for everything that little girls could want to know about science.

The news, photos, videos, games, and information on the site is geared towards your little one, and you will find that she will be fascinated by the content that is just for her.

5 Science Sites for Kids about Life Science

Discovery Health
( anatomy picture. Find great science sites for kids on health, anatomy and life science.

Discovery Channel is the best place to find all things science, and it has a whole section dedicated to life science.

Here your kids can learn all about health, diseases, and so much more.

There are games for kids of all age, and your children will love spending time exploring the many attractions on the site, including the many short video clips from the Discovery Channel documentaries.

Inner Body

This is type of science websites for kids are more for adults than for children, but it will be good for kids that are older than 10 or 11 years old. It is a site that contains an in depth explanation of all the body parts, as well as the various internal functions like the metabolism, the hormones, the digestive tract, and more. Here they can learn everything they need to know about the human body inside and out.

Neuroscience for Kids

The brain is a truly fascinating organ with so many different functions and aspects to it that your kids would never be able to understand it without going through medical school.

However, with the content on the Neuroscience for Kids website, they can understand a great deal about the brain, what it does, how it works, what neurochemicals are, how they can feed their brain, and so much more.

It contains a whole hoard of information that will have your kids stunned and amazed.

Sea and Sky

This website has information on everything related to the creatures that populate both the sea and the sky, and they can spend hours learning everything they want to know about birds, fish, and the crazy creatures that live in the depths of the ocean.

It contains fun games and activities, and will keep them entertained endlessly.

Extreme Science

If your child is interested in "the biggest, tallest, smallest, shortest, etc." of science, this type of science website for kids is everything he or she could wish for.

Find out which bug is the smallest in the world, how high the tallest mountain is, and so much more. This is all extreme science, and is only for those who want to know everything about everything.

4 Environmental Science Sites for Kids

For Students and Kids

If you want to teach your children about the importance of taking care of theirPollution and enviromental issues on science sites for kids. environment, this is the website for them.

It contains all kinds of information on the environment posted by the Department of Energy, and it even offers them the chance to participate in competitions and contests with the ability to gain internships and scholarships when they get older.

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement

If your child is interested in the environment, this is the best place for them to learn about how much radiation there is in the world.

This science website for kids contains a wealth of information on the climate of places all over the world, as well as the damage being done to the planet.

They are able to find information on many ways that they can help to save the planet in their own little way on a regular basis, helping them to take the first step on their journey to becoming an environmental champion.

Volcano World

Kids tend to love volcanoes, particularly little boys that find the power of the volcanoes absolutely fascinating.

If your child wants to learn more about volcanoes, this is the place for him. This site contains all kinds of Frequently Asked Questions, news, pictures, and information about the volcanoes in the world, and he can learn everything he wants to know about these fascinating natural features.


There are many things that your children will run into that could be toxic or hazardous to their health, and this simple site breaks down the truth behind toxins to help your kids learn about them.

The more your child learns from this site, the more he or she will realize the importance of avoiding the many toxins that they have the chance to run into throughout the day.

The site is colorful, helpful, interactive, and lots of fun for children who are interested in the subject of health and toxins.

These are just a few of the sites that you should check out if you want to give your child's developing interest in science a boost.

These science websites for kids contain all kinds of fascinating information for your kids, and you may find that they will pull your interest as well.

All in all, these science websites for kids are some of the best places to check out for anything related to science for kids, and you would do well to spend time searching through these sites to find information and content that your child will find interesting.

Science is truly fascinating, and it is worth investing your time to get your child hooked on it!

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