Multiplication math games for kids to make learning times tables fun.

Fun Multiplication Math Games & Educational Times Tables Activities for Kids

If you want to teach your child multiplication, then turning calculation into multiplication math games can be the way to go. You will find that your child will learn much faster with any kind of fun math games for kids, as these cool math games will stimulate your child's brain to learn much more effectively.

If your child - like so many other children - finds it challenging to initially grasp the logic within math, you may want to try cool math games for kids to help him or her learn.

Why do kids learn better with cool math games?

Playfulness Is Your Child's Primary Learning Tool

Well, kids learn most effectively while playing!

Anything that is fun for your child will be easier to learn, which is why fun math games, free online math games, math multiplication games, printable math games, math fact games, primary math games, math addition games, math fraction games, and all kinds of cool math games will stick in their head much more. 

Repetition Is Your Child's Guarantee to Make the Math Stick

Another thing that makes these multiplication games so effective is that your kids will continue to repeat the math problems over and over, as they have to repeat them in order to win the game.

The more your child repeats the math problems in the multiplication math games, the easier it will be for them to remember their times tables.

If you want to teach your child math and multiplication using these cool math games, you will find that they will remember what they have learned much more effectively.

Multiplication Math Games Ideas for Teaching Kids Times Tables

If you want to teach your kids some of the multiplication times tables, here are some great multiplication games you can play to help them learn:

The 11 Times Table - a Cool Math Game Using Cards

The 11 Times Table is the easiest to learn, at least up until you reach 11 x 10.

All your kids need to know is that multiplying 11 by any number is just that number twice.

For example, 3 times 11 is 33, or 5 times 11 is 55.

A great game to play is playing highest card draw from a deck of cards. Remove all the face cards from the deck, and have each child pick a card from the deck. The person with the highest card has to tell you what the product of the value of their card is multiplied by 11.

The 9 Times Table - Add Piano Notes for More Fun

Learning the 9 times tables with piano notes.The 9 Times Table is another one of math multiplication games that is easy to learn, provided your child knows basic mathematics.

Have your child hold up their hands with all 10 fingers extended straight and their pinky fingers touching.

Bend the thumb of their left hand 9 times 1, and have them count how many fingers there are to the right of their bent finger (9).

Have them straighten their thumb and bend their left index finger for 9 times 2. The fingers to the left of the bent finger will be the tens (1 finger = 10, 3 fingers = 30, etc.), and the fingers to the right equals the ones (3 = 3, 7 = 7).

Have them add the tens on the left of the bent finger and the ones to the right of the bent finger to get their number.

To make it a game, place your hands on the piano and hit one note at a time. They get to figure out the problem according to the finger you have bent to hit the key.

5 Times Table - Use Cards for Surprise and Spontaneity

With the 5 table, basically remember that every other answer has a 5 in it, and add ten between each odd number.

For example 1 x 5 = 5, 3 x 5 = 15 (10 +5), and so on.

You can make a game out of it by having your child select a number card from a deck of playing cards and have them multiply that number by 5 to get the answer.

1 Through 6 Tables - Spicing up Multiplication Games with Cards and a Dice

To help your child learn the multiplication tables of 1 through 6, hand out a deck of cards (face cards removed) and a dice.

Have them draw a card (Ace card is 1, the rest are valued according to the number), and have them multiply the number on their card according to the number shown on the dice.

(You can use dice with up to 10 or 12 sides in order to help your child practice their more complex multiplication tables, or there are dice with up to 20 sides).

These multiplication math games can help your child to learn the basic times tables, and you will find that they can be very effective in helping him or her to practice over and over until they get the tables correct every time.

More Fabulous Games to Play for Teaching Kids Multiplication

If your child isn't interested in the tricks and games above or is just hungry for more, there are a few more multiplication games that he or she can play in order to practice their math skills.

Here are a few ideas for multiplication games that you can try at home or at school:

Multiplication games outside with water balloons.Multiplication Water Fight

With this game, line all of your players up in two lines facing each other.

Give each child a number (1 through 12), according to their age (the older kids get the larger numbers).

Yell out a multiplication problem (3 x 8, 4 x 12, etc.) and the two kids with the numbers in the problem have to figure it out.

The first one to figure out the problem gets to squirt the other player (or the team whose player figured it out gets to throw water balloons at the other team).

Use football jerseys with numbers and multiply them.SuperBowl Math Madness

Take all of the numbers from the jerseys of your favorite football team (can also be basketball, hockey, etc.) and multiply them with each other to see which player has the highest number.

You can also do this with Fantasy Football, with each player making a team of their ideal football players. The numbers on each jersey are then multiplied and added up, and the player with the highest number wins.

Multiplication Pinwheels

Make pinwheels with 12 sections, each with a different number in the wheel.

Everyone takes a turn to guess which number the pinwheel will land on, and the person with the correct guess doesn't have to do a multiplication problem.

The ones that guessed incorrectly have to multiply the number they guessed by the number on the pinwheel, or else lose a point.

Times Table Contest

Just like you would organize a spelling bee, so too you can organize a multiplication math games times table contest.

Obviously you would tailor the difficulty according to the ages of the children participating, but you can have the times tables go as high as the 20 table for a real challenge for older children.

These are a few ideas of multiplication games you can try if you are interested in learning math at home or at school, and you will find that these games can actually be a lot of fun if you play them right!

Some Free Online Math Games and Other Math Multiplication Games

When it comes to multiplication math games, the internet is often a great place to look. There are literally hundreds of sites that you can check out for simple math games, but it's always much more fun if you can get the more advanced games with better graphics.

While you won't find any multiplication math games up to par with the graphics of the latest Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed, there are many games with decent graphics that your kids can have fun playing.

Don't know where to look?

Check out some of these games to help your child learn his or her multiplication tables:

Girl thinking of math problem - pensive thoughts.Mathonaire - The Math Version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"

For those who like the show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?", Mathonaire is the game of choice.

This game has tests that range from simple to complex, from addition to algebra, and they can be a great way to help your child learn all about their multiplication.

It is made just like the TV show, making it a great choice for those who like the game show. Some kids have found the game to be complex - at least for making mental calculations - but overall it is one that is guaranteed to be lots of fun.

Math Fighter - Action Game Controlled by Your Math Skills

Pilot a ship and defend your city or country from the invading forces by doing math problems.

This game will involve using a keyboard to figure out math problems, as well as clicking on the mouse to aim and fire.

The graphics are actually quite good, and the game is lots of fun for kids of all ages.

The game usually starts out slow and easy, but eventually it gets quite complicated and becomes a challenge for the kids playing the game.


Math Blaster - An Old Style Vintage Math Experience

Despite the fact that this game is old, the Math Blaster game series can be a lot of fun.

You will need to run Windows XP on your computer, but you can download this game via

The difficulty level can be set, and it can be a fun run through game that you can probably finish within 30 minutes.

For those who like vintage video games, these games can provide you with all the fun in the world.

Little boy solving math multiplication games on his pc.Timez Attack - Using Math to Defeat Monsters

The game is not focused solely on multiplication, but it is effective at teaching it along with all the other math skills.

You have all kinds of math problems that you have to solve, along with logic problems and puzzles.

Basically the game is that you have to continue solving problems until you defeat the monsters and get to the end of the levels.

It will challenge your kids until they finish it, and it can help them to brush up and reinforce their math skills.

The only downside to the game is that it only goes up to the 12 times tables, but this is not a problem for middle school children.

Multiplication Airplanes - Avoiding the Eagle

In this one of multiplication math games, you will prevent an airplane from crashing into a high flying eagle.

The airplane is flying at a good height, but it slowly begins to descend.

Your child will have to hit the plane by doing a multiplication problem, and this causes the plane to ascend once more. If the child hits the eagle, the game is over.

Stun Attack

In this game, a number of frogs are trying to eat you, the little ant.

Your children need to input the solutions to simple multiplication products in order to stun the frogs and prevent them from flicking out their tongue and eating the ant.

The game can be set on easy for novices or fast for the more advanced players, and it is a perfect way to teach them typing skills as well as math skills.

Munch Time - Feed the Aliens the Right Food and Solve Their Math Problem

The Munch Time games is for those who need to practice certain math tables, and it gives you the ability to choose the tables your child wants to work on.

The aliens will come to the serving counter to get their lunch, and they will present you with a math problem to solve.

Just like in Diner Dash or any of the other games of its kind, you can only satisfy the aliens by feeding them the right food and solving the problem.

The fact that you can choose the multiplication tables to work on is what makes this game so great, though it only goes up to the 12 times tables.

More Multiplication Games for Kids to Make Teaching Math Fun

If you want a few more free multiplication games that you can use to teach your children multiplication in a fun way, here are a few more ideas:

Make a hopscotch math race our of solving multiplication tasksHopscotch Math Race

This type of multiplication math games is great if there is more than one child.

Draw out three lines of hopscotch, and set one player at each end of the lines.

Call out a multiplication problem, and see which player is the first to call out the right answer. That player will move forward one space, and you will call out another problem.

On and on it goes until one player makes it all the way to the tenth space, and that player is the winner.

Math Jeopardy

Call out large numbers that have many ways of reaching the answer (24, 48, 96, etc.) and play a Jeopardy game with it.

For example, call out the number 108, and see which student figures out that you were trying to find the equation "What is 27 times 4?"

This is one of multiplication math games makes out a fun way to get your kids thinking creatively, and there are so many large numbers with many different equations.

Multiplication BINGO

With multiplication bingo, you are calling out large numbers, and the BINGO card has multiplication problems on it.

There may be some numbers that have more than one equation to solve (like 18 with "6 times 3" and "2 times 9").

If the numbers have more than one equation, both equations are punched out. The winner is the first person who gets five in a row.

Multiplication Candyland

Rather than playing regular Candyland, assign each color a number.

Roll the dice to advance a number of spaces, and have the person call out the equation with the number on the dice and the number of the color they land on. (purple is number 6 and the player rolls a 5 to land on a space: 6 times 5 equals 30).

If they can get the equation right, they can stay on the space, if not, they have to go back to their original spot.

Math Mountain Climber

Set up a large mountain with 10 or 20 steps to get up it, and place a chess piece on each slope of the mountain.

Divide your kids into two teams, each with a piece. Call out multiplication problems, and whichever team gets the right answer first gets to move their piece up the mountain.

Start with easy multiplication problems at the bottom of the mountain, and make them progressively more challenging as your students climb the mountain.

If an equation is solved incorrectly, the marker has to move backwards a space. The winner is the team that reaches the top of the mountain first.

Speed Tables

Many kids find speed tables to be challenging, but you can turn it into a game by adding a special reward at the end of the speed table.

Basically the table has a row of numbers 1 through 12, and a column of the same numbers. The kids have to fill out the table by filling it in with the right product.

Any kid that gets less than 5 wrong and finishes in less than 5 minutes is guaranteed a special reward.

Multiplication Dot to Dot

Rather than doing the regular dot to dot puzzles for your young child, use white out to erase the numbers on the puzzle and print out small multiplication problems for them to figure out.

They have to solve all the problems before they can connect all the dots and figure out what the picture is, and it will force them to use their brain and solve math problems.

Math Mother May I

3 kids in a line playing mother may I as a fun math multiplication game.Playing Math Mother May I is just like playing the regular game, but rather than telling them "5 baby steps" or "2 giant steps", you give them problems to solve in order to move forward a set number of steps.

For example, any math problem from the 1 to 5 times table is 3 regular steps, any problems from the 6 to 12 times table is 3 large steps, and any problem from the 13+ times tables will be 3 giant steps.

Ask them which problems they want, as that gives them a chance to solve problems according to their confidence in their math skills.

If they can't solve the problem, they have to take that many steps backwards. The person to reach the "Mother" first will be the winner.

Multiplication Around the World

Rather than playing Around the World with a basketball, use multiplication problems.

Set a specific number of spots each person needs to travel to in order to win the game, and set all the players at the beginning of the game.

Call out math problems to each child and the ones that can solve the problems are able to advance.

The children that fail to solve the problems stay where they are until they can solve one correctly.

Multiplication Eggs

Colored eggs is a game where the "Wolf" calls out a specific color, and the person with that color will have to run around and avoid being caught.

Multiplication eggs is slightly different, as each player is assigned a number 1 through 12, and the wolf has to do multiplication problems using one of those numbers.

The people with the numbers from the math problem have to run around and escape capture, and a new number is assigned to them once they return to the "Home".

Playing multiplication math games with a basketball.Multiplication Basketball

With your basketball game (two and three points per shot), the person who scored the basket has to come up with a mathematical equation that equals the number of points they scored.

For example, scoring a three pointer would force you to come up with an equation like 3 times 1, 1.5 times two, and so on. Each point scored will force the player to come up with a new equation that equals the number of points they have scored (6 times 5, 15 times 2, etc.), thus forcing them to use their advanced multiplication skills.

These are a few multiplication math games that you can look into if you want to help your child learn his or her multiplication skills.

While it may take time for them to improve their math, you will find that these multiplication math games will help them sharpen up quicker and much more enjoyably.

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