9 Fun and Easy Magic Tricks for Kids: Simple Step-by-Step Instructions

Magic can be one of the most amazing things for kids to see, but magic tricks for kids put the magical power into their own hands. And when kids transforms themselves into magicians, their excitement can grow to even greater heights.

Helping Kids Live Out Their Dream of Becoming Magicians

Sure, you can amaze your child by showing him or her with magic for kids or with a whole and fabulous kids magic party, but you will probably find that your child will be much happier with the ability to astound his or her friends with kids magic tricks that they can do all on their OWN.

The Best Thing about These Magic Tricks:
- They Are all as Impressive to See as They Are Easy to Do

These easy magic tricks for kids are simple enough that they can be learned quite quickly.

Whether you want math magic for your kid, a simple magic trick for kid of any age, some kids crafts magic, a magic card trick for kid, a child magic trick, or a child magic show, this is the best place to be.

This is a big easy magic tricks for children resource with 9 spectacular magic tricks:

On this page you will find all kinds of awesome free kids magic tricks, including some nifty math magic, a magic trick for child or two, and anything your child wants to become a magician.

The First Law of Magic

Keeping your magic tricks a secret. Boy hushing!When it comes to teaching your kids magic, and your child is actually really serious about being a magician remember to teach them the first law of magic:

A magician never reveals his or her secrets!

If your kids want to astound their friends and keep the mystique and impressiveness to a maximum, it is a good idea to inspire them to keep the recipe to their magic tricks to themselves and keep their mouths tightly closed in order to keep the mystery and surprise in the magic tricks.

Knowing kids, it's going to be very hard for them to keep quiet when they do a magic trick for their friends. They will probably get so excited about doing a trick and fooling their friends that it can be difficult for them to not let their friends in on the close secret. :-)

The Second Law of Magic

Little girl in green dress. Practice, practice, practice!The second law of magic is: repeat, repeat, repeat!

Repetition is the law of memory, but repeating an action helps your child to get the action right.

Just like your child has to learn to tie their shoelaces, ride a bike, or put on their backpack over and over until they get it right, so too they have to perform each of the magic tricks over and over if they want to get the hang of the motions.

It will always take a lot of practice to get the trick right and looking good, but it is well worth it for them to be able to pull a slick trick off without fumbling or making a mistake.

So the cliché really does stick: Practice makes magical master! :-)

Many kids love to perform magic tricks in their bedroom or with their siblings, but when it comes time to do their trick at a child magic show, they may end up fumbling or freezing because they are nervous.

However, if they have practiced their magic tricks over and over, they won't even have to think about it because their brains have already gotten so used to moving their hands and fingers through the motions that it won't be a problem.

So repetition can be boring but they'll know it'll be worth it, when they can pull off the trick flawlessly.

5 Top Tips on Performing Magic Tricks and Preparing a Child Magic Show

Kids magic tricks: Little boy magician with white rabbit.If you want to teach your child or children some fun and easy magic tricks and preparing them to stage a child magic show, here are some good things to keep in mind:

  1. Get the Audience Involved - The secret to being a good magician is to get the audience participating and interested in the magic trick, and that is something you have to teach your kids.

    If they can interest the audience in what they are doing with their hands, they won't be able to see that little sleight of hand that is going on when their eyes are distracted. Help your child learn to talk with the audience and draw them into their magic tricks for kids.

  2. Learn Skills - Many of the beginner magicians rely a lot on gadgets and little devices to help them with their tricks, but remember that these gimmicks often break.

    If your child is really interested in becoming a good magician, have him or her learn skills that will help them to really be great without needing any gimmicks.

  3. Do Over and Over - It's said above, but it bears repeating: practice makes permanent.

    If your child really wants to be a good magician, they will spend a lot of time practicing even simple tricks to be sure they get them right without having to think about it.

  4. Magic Takes Time - Magic skills don't blossom overnight, but getting your brain to work with your hands and body to fool the audience will take time.

    Many basic magicians can do simple tricks within a few hours of practice, but the good tricks will take much longer to learn.

    Help your child understand that the good tricks will require time to learn, and if they want to go there, they will automatically begin to invest more time into learning.

  5. Keep the Tricks Simple - Your child is probably not going to understand many of the tricks done by greats like David Copperfield, so keep the tricks simple. The simple tricks are the ones that they can easily learn, and they are the ones that are going to be successful.

    Teach your child exactly what needs to be done, make sure they understand exactly what they have to do and why, and sit back and let them get practicing.

 If you can help your child and follow the tips above, you can be certain that your child will become a great magician and go on to impress their friends and family with their amazing magic tricks.

So, let's get down to a few simple magic tricks.

Remember: keep the tricks for kids simple and it will make it easier for them to learn.

These kids magic tricks below are all quite easy to learn, and your child is sure to impress his or her friends once a trick is properly learned.

1) The Climbing Ring

This simple magic trick for kids is so easy that you might feel silly once you get it:

  • Easy magic tricks: Climbing ring on a rubber band.Step 1: Preparation: Cut a rubber band in half so that it is a single long string.

  • Step 2: Performance: The child will explain to the audience that he has been developing the power of his mind and has been able to move small objects using nothing more than his mental power. He can say that rings have been the ones with the best success, and he can ask someone in the crowd for any kind of ring.

  • Step 3: Performance: Your child will thread the rubber band through the ring, and will grab the ends of the rubber band with both hands thus holding out the rubber band (without it being actually stretched).

  • Step 4: Performance: This is the tricky part: your child needs to grab the rubber band with his index finger directly in the middle of the band and stretch it out as he is appearing to grab the ends with his thumb. If he gets this right, the rubber band will be stretched out but appear as if it were normal to the audience.

  • Step 5 Performance: As he tells the audience that he is going to move the ring with his mind, have him make a "concentrated" face as he lets go of the rubber band slowly. The weight of the ring will hold it in place as the rubber band contracts, but it will appear to climb as the rubber band is allowed to go slack.

Sounds easy, but such magic tricks for kids take a lot of practice to grab the rubber band in the middle while appearing to grab its ends.

As this instruction can be quite difficult to understand properly, here is a video demonstration of this free magic trick for kids.

2) Magic Card Trick for Kids: Runaway Queen

This is a terribly simple trick, and it can be fun for your child to learn:

  • Magic card trick: The disappearing queen.Step 1: Preparation: Select the Queen of Hearts from a deck of regular playing cards, along with any four black playing cards. Line them up in a perfectly straight line, and place them one on top of each other with the queen in the middle. Spread them so there is a centimeter of card showing on the bottom, and glue them all together. Don't forget a brightly colored paper clip.

  • Step 2: Performance: When it comes time for the magic trick, show the five cards to the audience and tell them a story about the Red Queen being evil in the land of black cards (you can make it up as you go).

  • Step 3: Performance: Produce the paper clip and say they are to handcuff the Queen, and show the Queen in the middle of the cards.

  • Step 4: Performance: Have someone come up to the stage and put the handcuffs (paper clip) on the queen (the middle card).

  • Step 5: Performance Turn over the cards to show that the handcuffs are nowhere near the queen, who "has escaped again".

The reason this works is that putting the paper clip on the back of the middle card (the queen) will make the clip appear to be in a completely different place when you turn the cards over (it will be on the other side of the card and thus appear to be on the front of another card).

3) Rubber Pencil

For this kind of easy magic trick, all you really need is a pencil and a bit of practice:

  • The rubber pencil trick.Step 1: Performance: Hold your pencil nearly at the tip of the eraser side, gripping it loosely between your thumb and index finger.

  • Step 2: Performance Shake your hand up and down, and let the pencil flop up and down as well. When you get the right speed, it will fool the eyes into making them see the pencil bending (it's just an optical illusion, but a very fancy one).

It doesn't take very fast shaking, but practice getting the speed just right in order to make the pencil appear to bend as you bounce it with a loose grip.

4) The Necklace

The necklace trick will require more practice, but it's quite simple when you think about it:

  • The necklace and beads magic trick.Step 1: Preparation: Find large beads that have a hole large enough to run the string through four times.

  • Step 2: Preparation: Before you ever get to the trick, bend one of the strings you will use and thread the loop through the bead that will be in the center. Do the same with the second string, and thread it through the original loop of string. Place the bead on the joint between the two strings, as that will hold the secret loops in place.

  • Step 3: Preparation: Thread more beads onto the necklace, however many you want. If you got the two hidden loops right, you can even wear the necklace and remove it in order to do the trick.

  • Step 4: Performance: Grab one end from each string and tie it together with a simple single knot. Pull the string tight to make it look like the beads are tied within the knot.

  • Step 5: Performance Grasp the beads in one of your hands, and pass the ends of the strings to members of the audience. Count to three dramatically and have them pull on the string ends. The beads should fall right into your hands.

The secret of this trick is the knot that you used in the center bead. It will pull loose and let the beads slip right off the string if you get it right.

5) Jumping Clips

The trick takes practice to get it right, but it's a good one for amateur magicians:

  • The dollar bill and two clips magic trick.Step 1: Performance: Grab a regular dollar bill and two simple paper clips.

  • Step 2: Performance: Fold your dollar into the shape of an "S" with three folds, putting a finger between each fold.

  • Step 3: Performance: Place the paper clips onto the bill, with the first paper clip joining the top two parts of the bill and the second paper clip joining the bottom two parts of the bill.

  • Step 4: Performance: Gently pull the ends of the dollar bill and watch as the two paper clips slide together, join, and fly off the bill.

This magic trick for kids is really easy, but you will need to practice it a bit to get the trick down just right and make it fluid.

Here is a video demonstration of this magic trick:

6) Floating Ring

This is a nifty magic trick for kids that will amaze your child's friends, but it may be harder to pull off than you might expect:

  • The floating ring trick.Step 1: Preparation: Use clear tape to attach a thin piece of black thread to the top of the pencil right under the eraser, and attach the thread to one of the buttons on your shirt. Make sure you have enough length to make the thread tight when your arm is fully extended, and hold the pencil eraser side up.

  • Step 2: Performance: In front of the audience, tell them that you will make a ring levitate. Get a ring from the audience and place it on the pencil from the eraser side.

  • Step 3: Performance: With the ring resting on your finger, tell the audience that you are going to levitate the ring. Appear to concentrate a lot as you slowly pull the pencil away from your body, out in front of you, off the side, up, or down. Whatever way you pull, the string will tighten and the ring will appear to be floating as if by magic.

  • Step 4: Performance When the trick is done, pull the pencil outward to pull off the tape and thread to hand the pencil and ring to the audience. No one will notice the black thread hanging down, and you can remove it easily.

Your child will have to practice this one a lot in order to get it right, as it takes practice to move the hand gently while making it appear that the ring is levitating.

7) Magic Card Trick for Kids: Magnetic Hand Card Trick

You can help your child astound his or her friends with this trick, and it only calls for a simple gimmick that is easy to make:

  • Magic card trick for kid: Magnetic card trick.Step 1: Preparation: Use a pair of scissors or a knife to cut a small flap in the center of one playing card, and make sure the flap is easily bendable. Glue that gimmicked card onto the back of a regular playing card, making sure the edges don't overlap (trim if necessary).

    There is in fact another way to make a flap with only tape which is very easy and which is demonstrated in the video below.

  • Step 2: Performance: Select a few more playing cards, and fan them out to hold them in your hand. Have the gimmicked card in the bottom center, and make sure you can easily grab the flap between your index and ring fingers.

  • Step 3: Performance: Hold out the cards, release your thumb, and show that your hand is magnetically keeping the cards stuck to it. You can even turn them around and over to show that they are appearing to stick like magic.

Getting that grip between index and ring finger right will hold the cards in place, but it will take a bit of practice to make it look natural.

Here is an excellent video tutorial on how to perform this great one of magic tricks for kids.

8) Vanishing Toothpick

An illusion is easy to do, but it will take a good deal of practice to get it just right:

  • Easy magic: The vanishing toothpick.Step 1: Preparation: Your child will have to wear a ring on their ring finger, as that is where the toothpick will be secreted.

  • Step 2: Performance: Hold the toothpick between thumb and index finger, gripping it loosely.

  • Step 3: Performance: Use your thumb and finger to push the end of the toothpick into the ring on the part behind your hand. Push the toothpick all the way through, and appear to press down firmly with your thumb to make it look like you are making it disappear.

  • Step 4 Performance: Open your hand, bending your fingers slightly and keeping them tightly together. The toothpick will have vanished, and you can open your hand to show that you aren't holding it in your fingers.

It will take work to get this trick right, as you will have to slide it into the ring on the back of your hand. Totally worth it to see the looks of amazement on your child's friends' faces as they see him or her make a toothpick disappear.

9) Magic Card Trick for Kids: The Floating Card

An easy card trick for kids, but will need hours of repeating to make it look natural:

  • Magic card trick for kid: The floating card trick.Step 1: Performance: You will have to learn how to "find" a "lost card" in a deck of cards. To do so, simply place the card on the top of the deck, and practice the fake shuffle that ends up with the card on top of the deck.

  • Step 2: Performance Hold the deck in your off hand with the faces pointing forwards, and hold the index finger of your writing hand over the deck.

  • Step 3: Performance Bring the index finger down to "hit" the deck of cards, extend your pinky finger to touch the deck and grip the card (that has been placed on the top of the deck), and pull it up with you as you go.

If you can get this trick right, you can make it look like the card is rising all on its own, but it will be a bit tricky to get it right.

All of the tricks above are guaranteed to provide hours of fun for your child and amaze your child's friends!

If your child can get them down right, they will be able to pull off the tricks without a hitch :-)

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