High Quality Fun and Free Printable Birthday Party Invites for Kids

Looking for free printable birthday party invites for your kid's birthday? Great, you've come to the right place. Here on this page you will find a variety of cool, beautiful or fin birthday party invitations, so there should be one or two that your kid will like.

If not, you can try either this page or this page to see if you find something more suitable there.

All these birthday party invitations are made in a high printing quality (typically 300 dpi).

Another great thing is that if you want a theme for your kid's birthday, but don't have any, you let yourself become inspired by the theme on the invitations.

Even though all these birthday party invites are free, please note that they are for private use only. Thank you.

Cute Printable Birthday Invitation with Bugs

Cute birthday party invitation for kids with bugs.

This invitation with a spider, snail and caterpillar is all ready for you to print. It and all the below invites already have the right printing size so you really don't need to adjust anything. Just print.

When you've printed, all you need to do is to fill out the invitation.

Where it says "it's" you just write in your kid's name and birthday age. The other blank spots to fill out are hopefully self explanatory.

Image size is: 15 cm x 10,61 cm in 300 dpi (which is high resolution so it looks good on paper).

Printable Birthday Party Invites
- a Pink Cupcake

Free birthday invitations: Cupcake birthday invitation for girls to print.

If you plan to serve cupcakes, or maybe even better, plan to have the kids themselves bake their own cupcakes, then this birthday party invitation is the ideal choice.

This invitation is 11 cm x 15,56 in 300 dpi.

Free Birthday Invitations with a Magical Wizard

Printable birthday party invitation for kids featuring a wizard.

Abra cadabra... this free printable invitation is ideal if you're thinking of throwing a birthday with a magic theme. Perhaps you are thinking of renting a magician (if you have enough money) or maybe you could learn a few tricks yourself to entertain the kids. If that's the case, you can find some easy magic tricks for kids here.

The size of this invitation is 15 cm x 11,23 in 300 dpi.

Cute Green Frog Birthday Invite

Cute frog birthday invitation for kids.

This one of birthday party invites features a cute green frog and is pretty gender neutral.

In case you're in doubt, after it says, "Leap on over for" you write the name of the birthday child and the birthday age.

The image print size is 15 cm x 13,22 in 300 dpi.

Girlish Birthday Party Invites with a Pretty Mermaid

Printable birthday party invitations with a mermaid in pink colors.

Thinking of throwing a birthday party with perhaps a water theme or a life-under-the-sea theme, then this printable birthday invitation could be the thing for you. If it's summer, you could have a water party in the garden with a small bathing pool and water balloons etc.

This mermaid invite is kept in the simple modern retro style. The size of this one of birthday party invites is 15 cm x 11,07 cm in 300 dpi.

Free Birthday Invitations with Balloons

Birthday invitation to print with balloons

This is a birthday invitation with a more traditional motif, balloons. The image size is 15 cm x 11,07 cm in 300 dpi.

Printable Birthday Invitation with a Cute Teddy Bear

Cute teddy bear birthday party invitation to print.

This one of birthday party invites with a cute teddy bear might appeal more to smaller children. You could plan the birthday around a teddy bear theme having all the children bring their favorite teddy bear and prepare some games that would include them.

After the invitation says, "Join us for a beary special time as we celebrate" you write the name of the birthday child and the birthday age. The print size of this invitation is 15 cm x 11,02 cm in 300 dpi.

Robot Birthday Invitation to Print

Free printable birthday invite with robot and cog wheels.

Is your kid a fan of mechanical items and loves to disassemble things to see how they work or what they look like inside, then this robot themed birthday invitation might appeal to your child.

This birthday party invite is 15 cm x 10,96 cm in 250 dpi.

Printable Birthday Party Invitation with Cute Little Pony

 Cute little pony on printable birthday invitation for girls.

This one of birthday party invites might appeal more to girls than boys. For some interesting reason many girls are completely besotted by horses and magical unicorns. If your girl is a big unicorn fan, then this unicorn birthday invitation must be right up her alley.

The size of image is 15 cm x 11,07 cm in 300 dpi.

Free Birthday Invitations with a Cute Penguin with Birthday Hat

Cute Penguin birthday invitation free and printable.

Is it winter and is there snow on your kid's birthday? Then why not prepare a snow-themed birthday party? You could have the kids build an igloo (they would probably need a bit of help though) or have those who felt like it play a snow ball match.

To let the kids get a feel for what is coming, you can send out this birthday party invitation with a penguin.  

Note: When it says, "Join us to celebrate" you are to write the name of the birthday child and the birthday age. Print size is 15 cm x 11,1 cm in 300 dpi.

I hope you found something you could use among these free and printable birthday party invites. Again, if you want to see more of my free birthday invitation selection, please just dive into one of the links below. There are lots more, than what has just been shown on this page.

Enjoy and have a great party!

Your Positive Parenting Ally,

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